The areas in Eternal Olive are carefully designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding senior residents. The indoor and outdoor activities are easy to access and every area is connected.
With fellow residents, as well as our caring and amazing team, you're surrounded by friends.
When you look forward to seeing your friends every day, it makes an enormous difference in how you feel. That's what "Eternal Olive " hospitality ensures — a sense of home and community. 

The categories of rooms:

At "Eternal Olive" we took care with special architects and decorators to create rooms and common areas suitable for the elderly so that they feel home away from home.

1. standard 2-bed room
2. superior singe room for handicaps
3. executive 2-bed room suite with living room
4. bungalow 2-bed room with private garden
5. bungalow 2-bed room with private heated pool

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

We offer senior living options to fit your needs in all seasons. 
Learn more about what makes "Eternal Olive" Senior Living the best option for you or your loved one.

Independent Living

A fulfilled life for older adults means more than simply “living” and “being taken care of”.